The controversial post (there is always one)

Dare I mention something as dangerous as gender on my blog? 

Yes I dare. Recently due to uni topics, international women’s day and the outrage of the lack of females in this summers festival line ups there has been a lot of discussion over gender roles in music and I have been involved in a fair few of them and my opinion is not always popular.  Continue reading


Questions answered?

10994878_786949214693940_7021245865961555085_nSince last week I have been asked a lot of questions regarding Petrol Bastard, their music, their performance and a certain incident. Jon and Ben have been kind enough to provide answers to these questions to save me guessing.

If you missed the gig review you might want to read it first, just click here.


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The most bizarre musical experience of my life.

Sophisticated hip-hop combo Petrol Bastard – By Harry Sutton


Never before have I seen a guy take out his penis in the middle of a performance and rub it on a microphone and with any luck I will never, ever, see that again.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my Saturday night or that I wasn’t totally drawn into the performances however strange they became. Continue reading

The wait is over

Powerful from start to finish, All Reverie, the latest track from Irvine based Celtic rockers Culann, was definitely worth the yearlong wait. With the official single release not taking place until Friday, fans were thrilled to first experience the track through the video launch.

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My most recent band based project as well as trying to find a few festivals to get involved in has been to work out the best way to get a new E.P noticed. Its a funny thing, you send out press releases, you do all your social media stuff, you harass the right people but none of it comes close to the experience of selling someone’s music face to face. Continue reading

Less than pleased…

The beauty of the local music scene is the way in which everyone supports each other, its like a very large extended family made up of the artists, their fans, promoters, event planners, radio stations and bloggers. They help each other out, but is this the right attitude?

How do you be the best and get to the top? Most would cry out ‘team work!’ but unfortunately not all.

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Celtic Connection 2014

Two days short of five months since they last graced a Glasgow stage, The Milk Carton Kids returned to wow an audience at the 2014 Celtic Connection festival. Their first Glasgow gig, which took place at Oran Mor showed of their sensational talent and expectations were high -in yet another church come music venue- St Andrews in the Square.

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